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Guy Fawkes Night advice for our clients

The 5th of November is almost upon us, which means that skies across Scotland are going to be lit up by stunning displays of fireworks. Guy Fawkes Night is always expected to be a fun and enjoyable night for all, however there can be a health and safety risk if the evening is not carefully planned and considered. If you are thinking about hosting your own Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, there are a few things to think about first. Our Guy Fawkes Night advice for our clients will ensure your night runs smoothly and safely, without disturbing any neighbours.

Rules & regulations

If you live in a block of flats,  it is always better to look to attend an organised display. Setting off you’re your own fireworks can breach some Deeds of Conditions and, for tenants, some tenancy agreements. Fireworks, whilst bright and spectacular, can be noisy and disruptive for both humans and animals.

Remember, remember safety comes first

If you’re not in a block of flats and and wish to host your own Fireworks Night, you’re not only responsible for your own safety, but the safety of those around you too. There are endless guidelines on how to stay safe on Fireworks Night. However, it’s important we reiterate the following safety advice:

  • Keep buckets of water handy
  • Always read the label of fireworks carefully
  • Always keep children at a safe distance
  • Never pour petrol or paraffin on to a fire
  • Pour water on fire rather than letting it burn out

If you are planning your own Fireworks night, it’s always polite to inform your neighbours about your plans. You should find out if everyone is happy for your plans to go ahead, moreover, this also provides you with the chance to invite them along, keeping potential complaints at bay.


If the worst was to happen, fire spreads easily, so it’s important to consider where you are letting fireworks off. You must ask yourself: is your garden is actually safe enough to set off fireworks from? If your garden is small, is surrounded by lots of overhanging trees, or is a very dry area, chances are it’s probably not so safe.

Avoid damage

Fireworks contain explosive substances, so the probability of causing even just a little bit of damage, such as burned grass, is rather likely. Some damage can be avoided, however. Fireworks like a Catherine Wheel or others that are hung on fences are almost guaranteed to cause damage by burning holes. So, if you don’t actually own that fence, or if you share one with other tenants, you may want to steer away from these types, as it is you who will be held liable for damage caused or complains received.

Attend organised displays

Not only are organised displays often the most spectacular, they are also the safest! Most towns and cities have their own organised displays around the 5th November, so we always encourage attendance at these rather than hosting your own display. The events are held by professionals who are fully aware and prepared for all health and safety concerns. Plus, they tend to be bigger and better than the ones you can hold in your garden! Most local displays are free, so go long and enjoy an evening of wonderous sights in your local community!

As we head into the festive season, Fireworks displays become increasingly popular on the 5th of November and beyond, so our advice always stands.

As a residential factor, it is our responsibility to maintain the communal areas of developments we manage. However, we encourage everyone within a development to respect the space they live in and be a conscientious neighbour.

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