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Changing your factor

At James Gibb we recognise that your property factor is there to manage your development for and on your behalf when advising on legislation and regulation and ensuring your development is managed to the highest standard, in order to sustain and improve your property value.

Is your current property factor failing to meet your expectations?

James Gibb believes in the dedicated management of each property and development. Your dedicated Development Manager, who knows and understands the requirements of your development, will visit on a regular basis.

Do you think your communal charges are too high?

To create trust and confidence in our modern and forward-thinking property management and factoring organisation, we actively promote and demonstrate honest, transparent and accountable financial management in everything we do and we always keep our customers fully informed. 

At James Gibb, our aim is to ensure that service charge funds are accounted for in a timely and accurate manner, providing complete financial transparency on development expenditure for our customers.

Are you with another factor now?

A change of factor can be easily arranged if there is sufficient support to do so from fellow owners and if the requirements of your Deed of Conditions are met.

We can help as required, and offer a professionally tailored “management proposal” for committees, AGMs etc.

Are you self-factored at the moment?

It’s easy to think that money can be saved by trying to self-factor a block or development.  This may work if everyone involved is equally committed to maintaining the property and owners pay their share of costs on time, each time.

At James Gibb, we believe that, by taking the strain away from one or two committed owners and managing repairs, maintenance projects, funds, etc., we can add value and remove the burden of self-management.

Moving to James Gibb is easy

It is not as difficult as you may believe to change your property factor and at James Gibb we provide a great value factoring service that will exceed your expectations.

With our knowledge of managing change for hundreds of developments over the years, we can greatly assist in the seamless transition of change when moving to James Gibb.

It is easy to appoint James Gibb as your factor of choice. We will guide you through the process.

What makes us different from other factoring companies?

Existing customers say these reasons helped them decide to move to James Gibb.

Dedicated property management and factoring

James Gibb believes in the dedicated management of each property. Your Development Manager who knows and understands the requirements of your development, will visit on a quarterly basis.

Out of hours emergencies

Unlike other factoring firms, James Gibb has an ‘out of hours’ Emergency Control Centre ready to take emergency calls 24 hours, 365 days a year. 

Knowledge, experience and proactive maintenance

James Gibb is highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial buildings and the maintenance required by current construction designs. Our proactive approach to maintenance programmes saves longer term costs. 

Our technical knowledge of legislation and regulation is also an important requirement for developments.


James Gibb offers competitive buildings insurance rates. This guarantee of sufficient insurance cover offers peace of mind to those who may not know if all properties in the block or development are fully insured.

More about James Gibb

James Gibb residential factors is a unique people-centric organisation, built on core customer care values, that cultivate an ethos of trust across all aspects of service delivery and as such is country’s fastest growing property management and factoring company. 

For more information on appointing James Gibb as your factor, whether you currently have no factor, you want to change from an existing provider, or you want to relieve the stress from self-factoring, please get in touch.

To discuss changing your factor to James Gibb, please contact us directly.

David Reid

Chief Executive

0333 240 8325


Sandi Macpherson

Director of Business Development

0333 240 8325

James Gibb doing it the right way
Out of Hours Emergency. Call us on 0333 240 8325 where our helpline operators will assist you


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