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We are on the move!

As the James Gibb organisation expands and in order to accommodate our continued business growth, the following James Gibb offices are moving to new business premises.

Edinburgh Regional Office

Our Edinburgh Regional Office is now located at 23 Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PS

Existing email addresses and telephone contact numbers remain in operation. 

Glasgow Regional Office

From Tuesday 2nd April 2024, our Glasgow Regional Office will be located at Red Tree Magenta, 3rd Floor, 270 Glasgow Road, Glasgow, G73 1UZ

Existing email addresses and telephone contact numbers remain in operation. 

Bellahouston Business Centre

From Tuesday 2nd April 2024, our Business Centre will be located at Red Tree Magenta, 3rd Floor, 270 Glasgow Road, Glasgow, G73 1UZ

Existing email addresses and telephone contact numbers remain in operation.

Business continuity

Throughout the relocation process our website, email and telephones will be fully operational and business will continue as usual. Customers will not experience any changes or delays in service.  

All other James Gibb business locations remain.

James Gibb doing it the right way

Corporate Relationships

James Gibb residential factors manage a property portfolio of over 50,000 residential and commercial properties and retirement homes throughout mainland Scotland, including Central, East and West of the country together with Dundee, Angus, Perthshire, North and East Fife and the North of Scotland spanning Aberdeen, Inverness and surrounding areas.

Our working relationships with many homebuilder organisations have been sustained over several years, and as such we have become an extension of their own customer care departments and an extension of their brand, in keeping their positive brand image alive following completion of a development.

Hearing, understanding and acting on the demands of our homebuilders is paramount to us ’doing it the right way’. Being flexible in our approach to accommodating their unique requirements, means we can always deliver on their needs.

Corporate endorsements

The following corporate endorsements fully demonstrate our commitment to ‘doing it the right way’ and getting the job done to the full satisfaction of the corporate organisation.

Stewart Milne Homes have worked alongside James Gibb for a number of years. James Gibb are our factor of choice; due to their specific focus on customer service. We can rely on James Gibb providing the expert aftercare the residents on our developments expect. The street scenes within our Stewart Milne developments are of utmost importance, and having James Gibb maintaining the landscaping means it’s in very good hands.

Not only are James Gibb an excellent factor once developments are handed over, but we work exceedingly well with James Gibb at the pre-construction stage. The commercial and construction teams really appreciate the service and knowledge the team from James Gibb bring to these discussions to help prepare our budgets for upcoming developments.

James Gibb are always on hand to help with issues, and always willing to go that extra mile for us the developer and our customers.

Aileen McDougall, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Stewart Milne Homes Scotland

Two years ago, following extended frustration with our then Factors we decided to switch to LPM. It was a good move but bad timing, for it was on the eve of the company merging with another to form James Gibb Property Factors and the onset of the Covid19 lockdown.

Despite the constraints imposed by the settling down of a new company and the severe restrictions of the pandemic, things worked out well then and have continued to do so.

While on paper little had changed with Budgets set, service charges collected and Accounts presented, in practice there was a world of difference. There was direct communication and immediate attention to matters needing attention and partnership.

Because Residents’ Meetings could not be held, the liaison was conducted through regular meetings / communication of a small Core Group of democratically elected representatives with the House and Area Manager, resulting in a planned programme of maintenance and improvement, learning as we went along and with all residents / owners being kept fully in the picture. And, despite the operational difficulties, all kept within an estimated budget and closely monitored.

Going forward projections are based on good factual history and effective and positive cooperation in a collaborative way. We even managed to make a decision collectively as homeowners to move to a visiting House Manager and have the associated cost of the House Managers Apartment removed, supported by LPM/James Gibb who would have supported either decision. This decision has already saved us costs.

The net effect can be summed up in the word: confidence. Bad time? But a good move!

Thanks again
Howel Jones - Head of Steering Group

Howell Jones, Head of Steering Group, Fairview Court, Milngavie, Glasgow

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James Gibb doing it the right way
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Glasgow (Head Office)

Red Tree Magenta, 3rd Floor,

270 Glasgow Road, Glasgow, G73 1UZ



Edinburgh Office

23 Alva Street, 

Edinburgh, EH2 4PS


Aberdeen Office

27 Chapel Street,
Aberdeen, AB10 1SQ



Dundee Office

Unit J, Prospect Business Centre,
Gemini Crescent, Dundee, DD2 1TY



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