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Legal Assistance

James Gibb residential factors is an unparalleled customer focused property factoring company built on core customer care values that cultivate an ethos of trust across all aspects of our service delivery. As such, we are always here to help our customers through the legal aspects of property factoring.

For example, most property developments possess a legal document known as the ‘Deed of Conditions’, which forms part of the title deeds to each property.

The Deed of Conditions will set out several obligations on each homeowner. These obligations, (Burdens/Rules) are produced to ensure the on-going value and aesthetic of a property development.

Typical prohibitions may include:

  • No clotheslines or dryers
  • No satellite dishes
  • No variation of colour on window frames and private doors
  • No parking of trailers, boats
  • No children’s permanent play equipment (e.g., trampolines)
  • No commercial vehicles

The Deed of Conditions will also usually describe the split of communal costs. At James Gibb we are responsible for correctly apportioning all common costs across the development’s proprietors.

Typical apportionment examples include:

  • Entrance lighting costs split between all owners or per block
  • Lift costs split between all block owners or those above ground floor level
  • Garden costs normally equally split across the whole development
  • Cleaning costs typically split amongst an individual close / block/ stair
  • Garage costs normally split between those with garage access

Every ‘Deed of Conditions’ is different, so it is important that the factor manages and apportions the development costs in compliance with the conditions set.

Additional legal assistance

James Gibb can manage other legal matters for our homeowners including boundary disputes, abandoned cars, overgrown neighbouring hedges etc. It is important to note that in most cases, our authority to act will be limited to common areas only.

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