The management of common areas is key to the role of the Factor.

At James Gibb residential factors, however, we endeavour to enhance our service package by delivering a number of added value services outwith our normal terms and conditions.

These include:

  • working with the residents’ committees to produce forward planned maintenance schemes and projects
  • getting to know each development intimately and, thus, being able to advise on, for example, the location of water stops, electrical mains, loft access points, areas vulnerable to flooding, pest control, etc
  • a 24 hrs a day, 365 days per year emergency contact phone number. This includes access to all normal home emergency services such as roofers, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, drain cleaning, glaziers etc
  • attendance at all committee meetings and AGMs along with the offer of free secretarial services.
  • assistance with matters related to private dwellings. Examples include:
  • Issuing of letters to owners asking for the removal of, for example, bikes from stairs, satellite dishes, long term parking of abandoned vehicles, etc
  • Reminders to residents of their responsibilities regarding anti social behaviour, dog fouling, smoking in common areas, storage of household goods in corridors, etc
  • Assistance in the identification of sources of water damage from private overflow pipes, etc
  • development of an understanding and a genuine knowledge of our residents’ needs and wishes.