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COVID-19 Customer Update  19/03/21

Following the Scottish Government announcement on Tuesday, 16th March 2021, regarding continued COVID -19 restrictions, we are providing the following update.

Risk assessed compliance

As an organisation we continue to ensure that we have all the correct measures in place to deliver services to our customers.  Over the past year we have invested to ensure our team can work from home, providing additional communications systems and IT for this to happen.

Our offices remain closed to the public, with only a small number of staff in head office, for essential work to be carried out (e.g., post etc).

As a result of the first lockdown in March 2020, we have established a comprehensive risk assessed approach to ensuring our staff can work in the safest possible way and this will continue to shape how we work during this current lockdown period. The majority of our staff will continue to work remotely but will be fully operational, working to ensure the very best level of customer service at all times.

Site inspections and on site attendance

We plan to resume a phased return to site inspections on 26th April when travel restrictions are removed.

Where our staff are needed on site, they will have had risk assessments completed.  Where possible they will limit movement within common areas to outside core times in the day, to restrict interaction with others.  We would ask that all safe distancing measures for our staff are respected, when working on your site.

On site offices will be closed for access by homeowners and only our staff will be allowed access.

Please contact your Development Manager for information, as arrangements for each location/site may vary.

Suppliers and contractors

Our suppliers and contractors will work in compliance with Government Guidelines to deliver core services, repairs and maintenance.

We know that during this lockdown period, essential work is permitted ‘for activities in connection with the maintenance, purchase, sale, letting, or rental of residential property that the person owns or is otherwise responsible for’. This will be subject to the contractor’s own organisation’s measures and approach.

Planned improvement works remain suspended until further notice, other than for essential/urgent work, such as a roof refurbishment. This suspension will be subject to the requirements of future Scottish Government updates.  Please contact your Development Manager for confirmation as to whether any work already agreed is going ahead.

Communication routes

Communication routes from you to us remain active and diverts remain in place to ensure that communications are received and actioned.  You can therefore continue to contact James Gibb through the normal routes and be assured that the provision of core services, repairs and maintenance will continue.

Email communication

We would remind all homeowners that during this time, our aim is to communicate with you via email wherever possible.  We ask that homeowners, who have not already done so, contact us at to provide us with their email address. We recognise that some homeowners will not have this form of communication and you may wish to discuss with friends or family members, if they can assist.

James Gibb+ portal

We have also increased our communication flow via our website and request that as many homeowners as possible access their James Gibb+ portal, where you will receive all information regarding your account.

James Gibb+ accounts can be accessed via our website  You will need your account number and JG+ number, which can be found on your most recent invoice.

At James Gibb, we were hoping that by this time we would be reporting better news, but rest assured that as soon as Government restrictions allow, normal service will be resumed.  In the meantime, although we must limit contact to protect our staff and our customers, please know that James Gibb will continue to carry out the factoring service for your development.

We hope that our customers, clients and team are safe during these exceptionally difficult times.

Directors Office

The Good Neighbour Guide

The majority of individuals living in shared developments are lucky enough to enjoy good relations with their neighbours. It’s important to maintain a positive relationship with the people next door to keep a happy living situation for everyone. Being a good neighbour goes beyond lending a helping hand in the odd teabag and sugar emergency, it means living considerately and respectfully to make sure everyone within the development can enjoy their space and the communal areas as intended.

Here are our tips to keep in mind to live as a respectful neighbour.

Respect the space

It’s important to understand that not everyone lives their life the same way, and so the way people treat communal space may not be the same. There are a few things to consider to maintain the security and safety of shared developments for everyone living there:

  • Keep bulky objects away from exits. Don’t leave large items such as bikes, prams or rubbish bags blocking these areas. This can be extremely dangerous in the case of a fire, or in the case of emergency services needing prompt access. Stairways and corridors should always be kept clear to ensure a safe and prompt exit in the unfortunate instance that residents have to evacuate quickly.
  • Close the door behind you. Most shared main doors will close and lock automatically, but to maintain the security of all residents, make sure doors are always secure when entering and leaving the building.
  • Don’t leave rubbish lying around in stairways, corridors or entranceways. As well as being dangerous, having rubbish bags lying around is simply unhygienic and can attract unwelcome smells and vermin – the type of visitors no one wants to have around their property! Always dispose of rubbish in the intended bins and contact your local council if you experience any issues with your bins. And, of course remember to recycle!


  • If you have large bulky items such as old sofas or mattresses that you no longer require, ask your local council to remove them (many will do this free of charge or for a small fee). When leaving an item out, it is polite to attach a notice stating the flat it has come from and when it is expected to be collected.
  • Bonfires and fireworks are not advised and can be dangerous if not managed properly. Always attend arranged fireworks and bonfire displays when possible instead of doing it yourself. These are much safer and more enjoyable than hosting them in your own space.
  • Having a barbeque? Let neighbours know so they are aware there may be some smoke (nobody wants their washing smelling of sausages!). Better yet, be a good neighbour and welcome them to enjoy it with you. Don’t hold barbeques on balconies, near buildings or trees as they can pose safety threats.


 It goes without saying that noise levels should be kept to a minimum when living in a shared development.

  • Not everyone works or lives the same patterns, which is important to keep in mind. Keep noise levels down during nigh time hours and be considerate during daytime hours. Remember to leave and enter the building quietly and remind guests to do so too.
  • If you are planning noisy DIY or works, it is well mannered to let your neighbours know in advance so they can plan ahead if need be.
  • When using noisy appliances such as your washing machine or vacuum cleaner, consider the time – 3am may not be the best time to put on a wash!
  • It is also advised to not let children run around during unsociable hours as noise can easily carry through wooden/laminate flooring.
  • Lastly, if you are planning a gathering and anticipate irregular noise levels and more guests than usual, it is respectful to let neighbours know. This will lessen any possible irritation caused.

Please note as a residential factor, our responsibilities lie in maintaining the communal areas of a development. If you have noise complaints, these should be addressed to your local council who will have a process for handling them. James Gibb does not have the powers to handle neighbour disputes.

James Gibb’s role in shared developments

As a residential factor, it is our responsibility to maintain the communal areas of developments we manage. We coordinate and arrange repairs, maintenance and improvements to the communal areas on behalf of property owners. We may also manage communal insurance policies. Our Property Managers visit developments frequently and we appoint vetted contractors when necessary to work on the required areas. We encourage everyone within a development to take care of the space they live in, and be a conscientious neighbour. However, when issues arise in communal areas we are here to resolve them.

If you have any questions please get in touch with the relevant office using the contact details here.

Out of Hours Emergency. Call us on 0333 240 8325 where our helpline operators will assist you


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