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COVID-19 Customer Update  20/12/21

Following the Scottish Government announcement on Tuesday 14th December 2021 regarding continued COVID -19 restrictions, we are providing the following update.

Office Closure

We have made the decision to return to working from home for the majority of our staff from Wednesday 22nd December.  This is to protect the safety of our staff and comply with Government guidelines to help reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus.  We will continue to have a small presence in each office to ensure we can carry out essential functions.  For those staff who remain working from the office, they will continue to follow the safety guidelines which include wearing face covering while moving through the office, hand sanitising as required and cleaning of hard surfaces on a regular basis.  All locations will be closed to the public until the transmission rate returns to a lower level and Government guidance relaxing restrictions is issued.

Site Inspections

Our Development Managers will continue to carry out site visits during this period.  Whilst carrying out internal inspections, we politely request that social distancing measures are respected.   The frequency of your site visits will be detailed on your Development Schedule which is available on your JG+ account.

AGMs/Residents Meetings

AGMs/Residents Meetings will continue through online platforms.  If any face to face meetings have been scheduled for early 2022, your Development Manager will be in touch to reorganise this meeting to online.

On-Site Offices

On-site offices remain open where House Managers and Concierge continue their normal working hours.  Please respect social distancing when visiting our on-site staff.

Suppliers and Contractors

Our suppliers and contractors remain compliant with Government Guidelines to deliver core services, repairs and maintenance.

Email Communication

Our aim is to communicate with you via email wherever possible. We ask that homeowners, who have not already done so, contact their regional office detailed at the bottom of the page to provide us with their email address. We recognise that some homeowners will not have this form of communication and you may wish to discuss with friends or family members, if they can assist.

James Gibb+ Portal

For general information regarding your development or the status of your service charge account, please logon to your client portal JG+ which can be accessed via our website at You will need your James Gibb account number and your JG+ Ref to log on. These are available on your most recent invoice or on most formal communications you receive from us.

We hope that our customers and clients are keeping safe.


Directors Office

Reducing Insurance Claims with the new LeakSafe detectors

Matters leading to insurance claims can be stressful and time consuming for those involved. However the majority of the time, most claims can be preventable and measures can be put in place to reduce any mishaps and potential insurance claims. Of course there will always be the unexpected claims caused by events such as storm damage, fallen trees, unexpected floods and fires, but with a bit of foresight and planned maintenance claims can be prevented.

On average, 67% of insurance claims at James Gibb are for ‘escape of water’ between properties. This can be stressful for those affected, however is avoidable. We would encourage all flat owners to ensure a periodic maintenance check is carried out on all areas that could possibly result in leakage, including connectors for dishwashers, washing machines and sinks. Bath overflows and shower drains should also frequently be checked for blockages, to ensure water can drain freely. Remember to also check seals around showers to prevent water getting into places it shouldn’t.

As part of James Gibb’s insurance renewal this year, Allianz have agreed to fully sponsor the installation of LeakSafe leak detection monitors in hundreds of flats we manage. These detectors are designed to protect against damage caused by burst pipes and leaks, proven to be a major cause of insurance claims at James Gibb. These will be installed in the properties with the highest ‘escape of water’ claims, with no cost to the owner. The monitors will be important in preventing further claims and help to avoid unnecessary stress. The monitors include an alarm or optional shut off should a water leak be detected, allowing potential damage to be reduced.

We are confident that the installation of the LeakSafe leak detection monitors will result in the number of claims from water damage being reduced. Most importantly they will prevent the inconvenience and distress leaks and water damage can cause to residents.

If you do happen to be unfortunate enough to need to make an insurance claim, check out the James Gibb customer guide on Insurance Claims.

Out of Hours Emergency. Call us on 0333 240 8325 where our helpline operators will assist you


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