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Proactive Maintenance & 10 Year Maintenance Plan

One of the largest investments a homeowner will ever make is the purchase of their property, whether this is to live in, or to rent out.

As your Factor, James Gibb is responsible for managing the core services which are agreed upon before handover of your development may involve reactive routine repairs, but what about larger maintenance projects?

Proactive, planned maintenance

James Gibb promotes proactive and planned preventative maintenance within all of our developments and when homeowners are in agreement, this can be added as part of the service we provide. 

10 Year Maintenance Planning

A 10-year Maintenance Plan can be prepared in conjunction with your Residents Committee and/or Homeowners to ensure that all maintenance projects required are being captured. Examples of maintenance projects are below:

  • Flooring Upgrade - Carpets, Tiles etc.
  • Additional Planting Programme
  • External Redecoration Programme
  • Internal Redecoration Programme
  • Drainage Clean Out
  • Door Entry Replacement
  • Standard to LED Lighting Upgrade
  • Painting External Carpark Areas
  • Re-roofing Programme
  • Replacement of Communal Doors

Depending on the agreed maintenance projects, a £sum will be agreed by homeowners and this will be incorporated into your regular service charge invoice. All funds paid by homeowners will be transferred from the day-to-day Client Account and will be held in a separate Trust Account in the name of the development. 

Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Homeowners with a 10 Year Maintenance Plan in place report some of the advantages as:

Having the ability to plan and budget for scheduled projects, thereby minimising unexpected costs.

Achieving further cost savings by reducing the need to undertake reactive and temporary repairs, which may resolve the issues.

Gaining long term benefits in maintaining and improving the property sale value.

Realising peace of mind by ensuring that the property and common areas are in a good state of repair at all times.

Find out more

Should you wish to find out more about how having a 10 Year Maintenance Plan in place could benefit your property and development, please contact your Development Manager.

James Gibb actively promotes honest, transparent and accountable Property Management and Factoring and always keeps homeowners and residents fully informed.

James Gibb doing it the right way

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