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Insurance Claims and Insurance Revaluation Surveys – What you Need to Know

Making an Insurance Claim

We’ve made this process as straightforward as possible for our customers to avoid additional stress at a time where an act, event or condition results in the need to make a claim.

In the “Documents and Guides” / “Customer Guides” tab on our website, you’ll find our Insurance Claims booklet which provides detailed information on what’s covered, how to claim, who to contact etc.

You may wish to print this and keep a copy in your Factor’s Folder in the event that you may need it.

It’s important to note that, if calling out of hours, the claims line is not an emergency contractor hotline. If an emergency private repair is required, in addition to registering your claim, you should contact a relevant qualified tradesman of your choice (private claims only) or call the James Gibb emergency contractor on your local office number, who should attend, on your behalf, if you prefer. If the repair is required on a communal area (roof, drains etc.) you should always call the James Gibb emergency contractor (out of hours) or your Property Manager if within working hours.

Insurance Revaluation Surveys

In accordance with regulatory requirements, we have agreed with out Brokers that revaluation surveys should be performed on each of our Developments every five years. The minimum requirement is three years but we and our brokers think that’s too frequent.

Why are these surveys required and what’s involved? It’s very important to know that the “declared value” quoted on your insurance certificate is accurate. If it’s too low, you’d be under-insured. If it’s too high, your premium would be higher than it needs to be. Neither condition is acceptable to any of us so a formal revaluation survey ensures the numbers are correct.

Of course, there is a cost involved here but we’re working with accredited surveyors to ensure we keep this cost to an absolute minimum on your behalf. Most of our Edinburgh and Aberdeen Developments have been re-assessed recently but those that haven’t, and that includes most of our Glasgow office portfolio, will be subject to a revaluation survey before

Out of Hours Emergency. Call us on 0333 240 8325 where our helpline operators will assist you

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