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Handyperson Service Contract – The benefits!

Appointing a Handyperson Service to deliver certain duties across a development can be hugely beneficial for the collective homeowners. In this article we look at some of those benefits:

Having a Handyperson in place will allow the individual to build familiarity across the development, assuming knowledge as to the construction, locations and layout, areas of concern, historical issues and works, and to allow for their contribution to the overall care of the communal space across the development.

Over time, the Handyperson will build rapport with owners, will learn to understand the expectations and desires of the collection homeowners, will engage with other service delivery contractors aligned to the development, enhance communication between the owners, the other contractors, and James Gibb as your managing agent.

Having an agreed scope of work and a schedule in place should result in time and cost efficiencies for the collective owners. Depending on the works required at your development, you could see the Handyperson completing tasks such as:

  • Sweeping and clearing debris from pathways/bin stores/bike stores.
  • Ensuring playparks are clear of any waste/litter/and the sand/bark is kept tidy.
  • Ensuring the development is kept free of litter.
  • Addressing lighting issues in internal communal spaces or private carparking.
  • Reactive repairs, such as tending to a lock that requires adjusting, mending a gate or fence etc.
  • Removal of graffiti.
  • Seasonally, sweep leaves as required.
  • Removal of any moss on benches and paving.
  • Clean benches.
  • Circling of tree bases.

Rather than engaging with your Development Manager or Property Assistant each time a requirement becomes apparent, resulting in individual reactive callouts from varying contractors. Capturing the above mentioned duties during scheduled visits can ensure cost efficiency for homeowners.

How the service works

The Handyperson will have a checklist of duties and will submit this to your Development Manager to evidence that agreed tasks have been performed. Your Development Manager will note the works completed in their Site Visit Logs and Quarterly Inspection Reports.

For further information or to discuss the potential of engaging the services of a Handyperson, please engage with your Development Manager.

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