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Emergency Out-of-Hours Service

24 hours emergency support is critical in the provision of property maintenance and repair services, and it is vital that customers have immediate access to help and information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To facilitate this provision, James Gibb provides an emergency out-of-hours service for our customers, to ensure immediate access to information and support when it is needed. The service is provided on our behalf by Property Response 24 Limited (PR24) and operates when James Gibb offices are closed.

James Gibb ‘On-call Manager’ is always available for PR24 liaison, should additional information be required on any emergency calls they receive. When answering customer calls, PR24 utilise call scripting software expertly compiled by experienced development managers at James Gibb, to ensure each call is routed through to the correct engineer, maintenance team or specialist contractor.

The main benefit to those customers who receive and pay for the out-of-hours service, is that a directory of James Gibb contractors is provided to PR24 for their development, which includes several Insurance Contractors, who have been approved to manage claims by our Buildings Insurance provider Protector, meaning that Insurance Claims are dealt with smoothly throughout the process.

Case Study - Water ingress emergency

A call was taken by PR24 on a Friday evening. The call was from an owner who had water ingress into their property, and they suspected it was from the flat above. Within an hour, PR24 received a further call from another property within the same block reporting the same issue. Both owners confirmed they had tried to contact the owners of the above property; however, they were not at home.

PR24 immediately contacted the James Gibb ‘On-call Manager’ who accessed a contact number for the homeowner and was immediately able to alert them to the issue. The homeowner contacted a keyholder who gave contractors access to the property.

James Gibb nor our contractors have powers to access a private property. If the water ingress had continued without access being given, an enforcement order would have been required from the Local Council and ultimately this would have meant a delay in gaining access. There is also a possibility that forced entry would have been required and this would have caused further damage to the property. As soon as access was provided, contractors turned off the water, the source of the ingress was identified, and temporary repairs were carried out. 

When the James Gibb Office opened on the Monday morning the activity report received from PR24 detailing all calls handled over that weekend, provided all relevant information confirming that the Insurance Claim for all three properties had already been raised and duly notified to the Insurers by the contractor.

The capability, efficiency and speed of action demonstrated by PR24 proves the value of our emergency out-of-hours service, without which the water ingress would have continued, more properties would have experienced damage and the cost of the claim would have increased substantially.

James Gibb believes in providing a superior level of service and care for our customers which exceeds their expectations and the provision of an efficient and effective out-of-hours service via PR24, is evidence of this.

James Gibb doing it the right way


Out of Hours Emergency. Call us on 0333 240 8325 where our helpline operators will assist you

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