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Efficiency in Technology

At James Gibb, it is important for us to continually strive for more ways to improve our business and make our customers happy. Where possible, we use the latest technology to achieve this.

One significant step we are about to take is in the way in which we record, store and report our routine site visits/inspections. Over the next couple of months, we will be trialling software which will allow our property managers to record their inspections on-site, electronically, using a tablet. This will allow us to produce an instantly professional report with uploaded photographs as required. On return to the office, the report will be uploaded to our property management system and will be immediately stored, actioned and distributed where appropriate.

This will continue to improve our accuracy as this will save our operational staff significant time and allow them to move onto the next task without adding administrative burdens to the team.

Other ways which we have improved our business through technology are:

James Gibb+ App

Using our James Gibb+ App means that all of the information you need is in one place. You can access the development information, property manager information, development news, written statement of services, how to make a payment and much more. If you are on the go and need to make a payment urgently, you can do so via the James Gibb+ app. It’s as easy as that!

We will soon be introducing notifications which will alert you to newly uploaded news, reports, invoices, minutes and much more. This should be available over the next couple of months.

Drone Filming

Recently, we brought in the expertise of Alan Corrie of  Images Above Ltd to show us just how effective drone surveying can be for James Gibb to inspect the external areas of our properties.  This technology will be extremely helpful in improving our accuracy and quickly diagnosing any issues or repairs efficiently.

Paperless Billing

Our mission to reduce our carbon footprint through our Go Paperless initiative has greatly increased our sustainability over the last year. Thanks to our new paperless system and online customer portal, making payments and reviewing invoices online, not only makes life easier for you, but also improves efficiency for us!

By going paperless, you will help save us time and the resources needed for a constant supply of printing materials and postage. By dramatically reducing this, we will be able to invest more in our services and green initiatives. To sign up to go paperless with us, click here.

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