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Annual General Meetings & Residents and Committee Meetings

On completion of a development, we arrange an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all homeowners and encourage the formation of an Owners’ Association, representative committee or if it is a Development Management Scheme, we will assist in organising the Community Company. Where sufficient numbers are not available to form a committee, a steering group can be formed.

Forming an association or representative body, provides homeowners with the opportunity to regularly come together to discuss, contribute and decide on matters relating to the maintenance and management of their development. Working together with the representative body, we can create good working relationships and provide support and direction on property management and maintenance issues.

Outwith AGM’s, Interim Homeowners’ Meetings can be arranged. Also, individual meetings can be scheduled with the dedicated Development Manager, by a homeowner. 

Annual General Meetings are the main forum we have to meet clients at our developments to discuss any issues or concerns they would like us to address, and to update them on any upcoming changes or points of interest which might be of assistance to them.     

Holding an AGM allows clients to feel listened to by James Gibb. It also allows an opportunity for discussion with a wider range of clients, not just those who more often contact us. AGMs provide a forum for discussion on a range of issues, they provide an opportunity for all homeowners to voice their opinion and present any questions. An AGM is an ideal environment to gain control over more challenging developments or situations in a constructive and solutions orientated way.

Our Development Managers often advise that following a positive AGM, the level of correspondence generated by homeowners is often reduced. We believe this results from having a positive session of engagement, where we have delivered a confident and credible update as to our management of their development. Our Factors Report brings structure to each meeting, referencing and discussing all aspects of our service delivery model specific to their development, including financial management and the offer of solutions, as our teams’ build knowledge is extensive from managing a wide ranging portfolio.

Finally, a very important part of any AGM or other meeting is to record minutes and follow up by noting agreed actions within an agreed timescale. The meeting itself will often leave clients feeling positive, even those who may have felt more negative beforehand, as they have had an opportunity to express any concerns and discuss any issues directly.

James Gibb recognises the importance of positive customer engagement. AGM’s are a platform to fully engage with homeowners and to establish a great working relationship between our employees and our customers. AGM’s and Committee meetings allow us to share our knowledge and experience with homeowners, to assist in their understanding and appreciation of our appointment, to encourage collaborative working to ensure our position of working for and on behalf of the collective homeowners, is understood.

James Gibb focuses on ensuring positive customer engagement across each and every one of our developments. Effective communication works in both ways to safeguard a positive working relationship. We encourage Residents Associations and Committees to request meetings with us as and when required, to allow for clear, helpful, and creative solutions to be discussed and implemented.

The more information we have from the outset, the easier it is for us to ensure we cover all aspects of the factoring requirements. Whilst some problems may arise, we will take ownership of ensuring we come to you with proactive solutions, to allow you to decide how you wish to move forward.

James Gibb doing it the right way 

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