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AGMs and Committees

An Annual General Meeting or AGM is an excellent opportunity for homeowners and the property factor to get together to discuss a range of development issues and vote on any important matters. 

Some developments will have established Residents’ Associations or Committees and will be used to holding an AGM. However, for new build developments (once they are fully complete) or for developments without any Association, our Development Manager can call an Annual General Meeting and examine existing specifications, with a view to making changes, should proprietors wish to do so. During such meetings, proprietors can also discuss how James Gibb proactively retender service contracts. Our clients always have a voice and involvement when it comes to amending specifications and retendering contracts.

At a recent AGM proprietors agreed by majority to amend their communal cleaning frequency, to help reduce costs.   This may be considered a nominal change but it was one which was agreed by a majority of proprietors. It is important that James Gibb clients understand they have the decision-making power. Proprietors should take the opportunity to attend these evening meetings to discuss communal matters and work with James Gibb and other proprietors to effect change. Some existing services need to remain in place and it is important our clients understand the reasons for this. Our designated Development Managers will always take time to fully explain.

AGMs also provide an opportunity to look at development improvements such as better security or low energy lighting solutions. At any AGM, James Gibb will provide a comprehensive Factor’s Report giving owners key information on current contracts, any outstanding issues and any debt issues. AGMs can be held face to face or via internet platforms such as Zoom. We are always happy to assist in arranging and facilitating such meetings in accordance with owners’ requirements and preferences.

Contact your Development Manager for more information.

Setting up a Residents’ Association

Many developments under our management already have an established Residents’ Association. Working with the Development Manager, a Residents' Association can be a very effective vehicle to improve your development and provide clear channels of communication. Committee structures can vary between an informal group of owners with limited decision-making powers to a fully constituted association. We enjoy a close and productive working relationship with our Residents' Associations and they provide an excellent forum in which to discuss development issues and plan repair and maintenance projects.

Your Deed of Conditions will sometimes contain details on how a Residents' Association should be set up, voting requirements, and structure. In some instances, the Deed will also contain a pre-written constitution.

Although any Residents' Association will place some demands on the time and energy of those involved, we are always very happy to assist wherever possible and your Development Manager can help arrange meetings, book venues, distribute minutes etc. If you are interested in setting up an Residents' Association, please speak with your Development Manager who will be happy to offer advice. Often the first step is an initial residents’ meeting to gauge interest and we can make the necessary arrangements for this. We can also provide draft constitutions and advice on the structure for any Residents' Association.

Contact James Gibb to discuss setting up a Residents' Association

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