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A day in the life of Greig Aird, Glasgow Development Manager

We’ve been catching up with members of our team to find out how they are managing remote working. This week, we spoke to Greig Aird, Development Manager at our Glasgow office. Find out how remote working has been treating him…

What is your job role at James Gibb?

Development Manager based in our Glasgow Office

Can you give a brief description of what your role entails?

Managing a portfolio of property developments, assisting homeowners with works required at their developments. Overseeing maintenance contracts and ensuring developments adhere to any legal requirements for any equipment that is installed. Managing insurance claims, amongst other tasks!

What does your working day look like now you’re working from home?

I’ve been attempting (some days failing) to stick to a routine as close to what it would have been if I were in the office. I try to get up at the same time I normally would, and watch an extended amount of BBCs “Breakfast” – Dan Walker over Piers Morgan any day of the week! Will set myself up with a big cup of coffee and then take the short commute from the kitchen to the living room! Ready to start my working day for 9am.. working on e-mails, contractor invoices, maintenance reports etc.. I will reward myself with another cup of coffee every so often.. it helps to take a break away from the laptop every now and again to clear my head.

What has been the biggest changes or challenges in your role?

Not being able to visit developments to fully understand any works that are due on the site. Also, not being able to discuss things with colleagues as easy it would be in the office.

How have you adapted to the changes?

Using my knowledge of the developments I manage has greatly helped, and visiting the developments regularly prior to the “lockdown” allows me to visualise the problems without having to visit. If in doubt – having a resident send a picture of the area always helps! Being able to pick up the phone and chat with colleagues has also helped with being able to cope with working from home.

Working remotely, how do you stay productive?

I have often asked my partner to hide the TV remote if she’s going out to work. If I can see the remote and switch on the TV then I will end up watching hours of Tipping Point repeats, if she’s off work she would be watching something rubbish anyway.. so that also helps! Having a routine throughout the day has also helped me stay motivated and productive, I have kept the same working day and have lunch at the same time most days. A structured day helps me stay focused as it can be too easy to keep working into the night, it’s always best to remember that I need some downtime during all of this as well.

Do you have any interesting or funny lockdown stories to share?

Not so much a funny story but a funny situation, my partner has horses someone has to go up every single day as one is on medication… I used to hate having to go up and feed them etc pre lockdown.. can’t keep me away from there now as it gives me an excuse to get out of the house for a bit!

What are you most looking forward to when this is over?

Re-connecting with friends and family, as much as technology can keep you in communication it doesn’t compete with a night down the pub! Looking forward to getting back to match days at Rugby Park to watch my beloved Kilmarnock FC although come to think of it.. maybe not looking forward to that given our results before football stopped!

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