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5 Top Tips to help prevent increased charges

5 Top Tips to help prevent increased charges

Property factors ensure that proactive maintenance and service contracts are in place to prolong the life of assets within your development and minimise the need for expensive repairs, but there can be many reactive costs, which can easily be prevented with some simple housekeeping.

  1. Refuse Disposal

Ensure refuse is disposed of correctly and check with local councils for uplift of bulky items. Dumping of bulky items in the communal bin areas is a frequent problem and one which will increase costs if a private contractor is required to uplift the items.

  1. Insurance Claims

Around 75% of all insurance claims within blocks of flats are due to damage caused by water leaks. Water damage can cause substantial damage and costs, not to mention disruption, stress and possible conflict. It is important to carry out regular checks within your property that can help prevent making insurance claims, or at least minimise the resultant damage, such as:

Check the mastic beads around your bath and shower.

Check the grout on tiled surfaces especially around wet areas.

Check radiators, valves and exposed pipework for leaks and any signs of corrosion and rust.

Boiler systems should be serviced regularly. This will help identify faults or leaks.

Know where the water supply stopcock valve is located, and check it turns freely. This could save thousands of pounds of damage and reduce insurance premiums.

  1. Communal Areas

Stairwell redecoration and recarpeting are often the largest costs for homeowners. Communal areas such as stairwells tend to be treated with less care. Try to think of the communal areas as an extension of your own home.

  1. Antisocial Behaviour

Your property factor cannot prevent antisocial behaviour, but they are often involved in the repercussions, such as repairing vandalism, arranging additional cleaning of the common areas etc. Antisocial behaviour should be reported immediately to the police local council Antisocial Behaviour Team to minimise unnecessary additional costs.

  1. Development Security

James Gibb Development Managers regularly meet with Police Scotland Crime Prevention Officers to survey and risk assess developments for potential weak areas which could potentially result in burglary and vandalism to properties and communal areas.

Communal entry doors should be closed and kept locked when not in use, to prevent attracting unwanted attention, which can often lead to additional costs.

Close working relationships

With the cost-of-living crisis at the forefront of our minds it is more important than ever for homeowners and residents to work closely with their property factor to minimise unnecessary expenditure. 

At James Gibb we always listen to the needs of our customers, give advice and assistance when required, trouble-shoot any issues they may have and overall, strive to create an excellent customer experience.

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