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COVID-19 Customer Update 05/07/22

Visiting our Office

Our offices are all open. In some cases, due to limited reception space it may be that our clients can only visit by appointment . Please contact your regional/local office to confirm this prior to visiting. We continue to work on improving those offices that require increased space for social distancing where this is appropriate. This position is to protect the safety of our staff and comply with Scottish Government guidelines to help reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus. For our staff who are working from an office, they may take a number of safety measures such as wearing a face covering while moving through the office, hand sanitising as required and cleaning of hard surfaces on a regular basis. You may be asked to wear a face covering if visiting one of our offices.

It is important to us that we remain vigilant about COVID. We will continue to monitor infection levels and this may mean that in the future we re-introduce safety measures that aim to ensure our staff and clients can be as safe as possible.

Site Inspections

Our Development Managers are carrying out site visits as normal and you can meet with them on site by arranging an appointment in advance. The frequency of your site visits will be detailed on your Development Schedule which is available on your JG+ account.

AGMs/Residents Meetings

AGMs/Residents Meetings are also taking place either via face to face or through online platforms. This can be agreed with your Development Manager.

On-Site Offices

On-site offices are open where House Managers and Concierge continue their normal working hours. 

Suppliers and Contractors

Our suppliers and contractors are all working normally to deliver core services, repairs and maintenance.

Email Communication

Our aim is to communicate with you via email wherever possible. We ask that homeowners who have not already done so, contact their regional office detailed at the bottom of the page to provide us with their email address. We recognise that some homeowners will not have this form of communication and you may wish to discuss with friends or family members if they can assist.

James Gibb+ Portal

For general information regarding your development or the status of your service charge account, please log on to your client portal JG+ which can be accessed via our website at You will need your James Gibb account number and your JG+ Ref to log on. These are available on your most recent invoice or on most formal communications you receive from us.

We hope that our customers and clients are keeping safe.


David Reid

Chief Executive

Emergency service
24/7 guaranteed

James Gibb understands an emergency and knows the speed and expertise needed to resolve the situation immediately.

Customer satisfaction is important to us

At James Gibb, we take pride in delivering customer satisfaction and building lasting customer relationships.

Doing it the right way

James Gibb residential factors is committed to the delivery of excellence in property management and factoring services.

Dedicated customer service

At James Gibb, we believe excellence in customer service delivery is paramount when building lasting customer relationships.

What our customers say

I have had fantastic customer service from Joe Al Kheteeb. He went above and beyond to help me with an issue in my flat and dealt with it in the most professional and prompt manner possible. Nothing was any trouble to help resolve my issue. A credit to James Gibb.

Lorna McSorley

Excellent Customer Service! I was surprised about the number of negative posts because I have found James Gibb over the years to give excellent service. They look after the Glasgow property in which my daughter lives and any problems I have reported are promptly dealt with. There have been a few changes in property managers but service has been consistent and the staff supporting the manager are excellent. A special mention to Lyndsey MacDonald for keeping me informed and who deserves a 5 star rating all to herself. A credit to your company.

Brian - Glasgow

“Jo Cooper, just a big THANK YOU for all your hard work and attention you have towards the felling of the dangerous trees between us and Broadshades. I was waiting for the return of Clinton before I wrote to thank you but today we both met up and agreed that everything was attended to very professionally and promptly, and this was down to you. Take care and anytime you find yourself in the area, please come past to see for yourself the work that was done.”

- Mr Smith (Broadshades)

Rebecca Glanville has been excellent dealing with all enquiries relating to my flat. Rebecca has kept me informed at all times. I have been able to speak to her on the phone and correspond on email. Rebecca has a very polite and efficient manner. Rebecca has enabled me to repair my flat timeously which has been necessary especially when selling a flat. I don't think I could have sold the flat without Rebecca playing her part in the process. Not many organisations have a member of staff like Rebecca in their organisation and has been the most helpful person I have dealt with recently ranging from staff in organisations ranging from legal to estate agents and banks. I am sure Rebecca will do well in her career. She is an asset to your organisation. Thanks again.

- Susan Stewart

I would just like it to be noted that Sebastian has done a great job of sorting out the tree issue. He took the issue on board and sorted it out very favourably keeping me updated regularly on how the matter was progressing.
I am delighted with the outcome and feel confident about any further issues that might arise.

- Grace Scott

I would like to say that we have found Jo to be an excellent Development Manager; all our regular maintenance is carried out efficiently, there is a real determination to find the right contractors for the job, and there is great communication between residents and the factor.

— Chris, Lossiemouth

We have had occasion to contact Aline regarding our development a number of times. She always responds quickly and things are normally sorted with a minimum of fuss. An asset to James Gibb!

— Brian Simpson

Two years ago, following extended frustration with our then Factors we decided to switch to LPM. It was a good move but bad timing, for it was on the eve of the company merging with another to form James Gibb Property Factors and the onset of the Covid19 lockdown. Despite the constraints imposed by the settling down of a new company and the severe restrictions of the pandemic, things worked out well then and have continued to do so. While on paper little had changed with Budgets set, service charges collected and Accounts presented, in practice there was a world of difference. There was direct communication and immediate attention to matters needing attention and partnership. Because Residents’ Meetings could not be held, the liaison was conducted through regular meetings / communication of a small Core Group of democratically elected representatives with the House and Area Manager resulting in a planned programme of maintenance and improvement, learning as we went along and with all residents / owners being kept fully in the picture. And, despite the operational difficulties, all kept within an estimated budget and closely monitored. Going forward projections are based on good factual history and effective and positive cooperation in a collaborative way. We even managed to make a decision collectively as homeowners to move to a visiting House Manager and have the associated cost of the House Managers Apartment removed, supported by LPM/James Gibb who would have supported either decision. This decision has already saved us costs. The net effect can be summed up in the word: confidence. Bad time? But a good move!
Thanks again
Howel - Head of Steering Group

— Howell Jones, Fairview Court, Milngavie, Glasgow

We have been managed by lpm, now James Gibb residential factors since 2003 and it is the best decision we ever took. Effectively managed with honesty and professionalism and we never have had one cause to consider otherwise. They lead us in properly managing our development with cyclical maintenance and looking for the most effective way to manage this process.

- Jim Batton, Committee Member, Windsor Church House, Portobello

In January 2019 the Residents' Association and Committee at Roseburn House, due to numerous complaints about extremely poor service levels being delivered to them, looked at options for alternative property management companies. We became aware of lpm/James Gibb residential factors, who manage numerous retirement developments, many previous Peverel/First Port developments and the feedback was positive from our investigations. We transferred to James Gibb on 1st May 2019 and we have benefitted from monthly site inspections from an Estates Manager, a budget meeting for the forthcoming year. savings in management fees, removal of administration fees, savings in electricity and buildings insurance. Our Committee meets regularly with the Estates Manager and so far, we are extremely happy with having made the move to this company. We also deal with centralised individuals for estates management, finance and client support services. They assisted us with our change in management ensuring we followed the correct process in doing so.

- Kate Urquhart, Chair of Roseburn Residents' Association, Edinburgh

I can’t praise Clare Bugden highly enough !! Clare is a complete breath of fresh air to deal with and goes above and beyond to help in any way that she can. Any repairs or issues within the Netherblane development are swiftly dealt with and Clare always keeps you updated with the progress. It was very comforting to know someone of that Calibre is looking after your development!! A true asset to James Gibb.

- Marc Hendrie

Ongoing engagement with James Gibb. We have had an ongoing engagement with Sandra Maitland of James Gibb regarding a complex matter for a no of years. During that time we found her to be very competent, extremely efficient, meticulous in her attention to detail and very helpful. I could not recommend her highly enough.

- Gerry Gilgunn

I would like to thank Jo Cooper for the great work she does at the development I live at in Aberdeen. The regular development inspections are informative and highlight any issues. When I have highlighted any issues Jo is “on it” immediately and gets things done. This helps to maintain a good standard around the development, I very much appreciate the work Jo does.

- Carole Jamieson

Fiona Watson, finance coordinator, in Glasgow has solved an ongoing finance issue for me today. She always calls back or emails when she says she will.
I had no luck in progressing my issue with other members of staff either in Edinburgh nor in Glasgow. Thank you Fiona for your professionalism and helpfulness.

- Morag Jamieson

Wonderful service received from James Gibb/Martin Murphy, ref to promptly responding to my notification of various areas of internal fabric damage, requiring rectification, due to minor water ingress damage @my flat property @the Laurels. Martin/James Gibb responded the same day and organised sub-contractor investigation call outs and the remedial works very promptly and I was kept informed by Martin at every stage. Sometimes property factors, generally, can get a bad name. IMO however I have found Martin and James Gibb, in my sole experience to date, to provide an excellent service. Well done!

- Alan Shaw

Excellent customer service and experience. We have recently had a new estate manager appointed called Martin Murphy. He has been in charge for a few months however the impact he has made in this time is amazing.

He is proactive in seeking ways to improve our estate and takes action quickly to resolve issues. He makes time to listen to concerns and puts forward suggestions to resolve them. I would be happy to recommend both Martin and his team to anyone who is looking for a factor.

- Mags Reilly

Hi, my name Desmond Cullion, I live in property, Whittagreen Court, I've owned approximately 22yrs in Newarthill, N. Lanarkshire. Factor changed - now to James Gibb, Glasgow. I'm submitting this second review, in turn, 1st review submitted, was inaccurate, unfair towards James Gibb. My gripe or let down was with lpm, Glasgow.

I've found chatting about problems with new factor /James Gibb, in turn directly to Martin Murphy, issues with the property management have radically changed for the better. I feel more at ease knowing Martin Murphy is really working to fully support any issues or problems regarding Whittagreen Court!!

He has immediately helped me to get problems around property.. Ie.. work issues addressed. I'm impressed Martin answers calls, emails, in turn returning calls regarding management of our property, something that lpm property management refused to do!

I look forward, knowing, understanding, new factor James Gibb, will bring improvements needed, with Martin Murphy site manager,,,,,, thxs Martin.

Martin Murphy dealt with my repair issue promptly and efficiently. Kept up to date with proceedings regularly. Also asked if my tenant was satisfied with the work that had been done.

- Desmond Cullion

Delighted with Aline’s prompt, efficient and courteous response to some historical issues since she became our new local Manager, inspiring confidence in future dealings between our development Association and Aline going forward in this professional manner.

- Irene Haddow

Credit where credit is due. James Gibb recently took over factoring our development and while I was initially concerned about James Gibbs reputation our development manager Martin Murphy has been fantastic.

He's on the ball with good communication and quick to get back to you and address any issues. Just today I had an issue with the door entry system and it was fixed today couldn't have asked for more.

- Andrew

Since Martin took over the role as Development Manager the issues that I have had for well over a year are finally getting resolved with a very quick response from Martin. This is what I was hoping for as the team members who were previously in this position just didn't seem interested.

- Blair

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