While the basis of good factoring centres around the maintenance of projects, on-going contracts and specialist works in communal areas of a development, our firm has long recognised that property factoring is not just about looking after the building.

It is very much a people business, and we are hugely proud of the professional relationships that we have fostered over the years with our customers and the level of trust they place in us.

Trusted contractors

It is important that regular stair cleaning, gardening, window cleaning etc is performed by trusted, approved contractors who are regularly monitored and audited to ensure a high standard of performance. Each discipline will have a specification of work as agreed with the relevant residents’ committees.

We also work pro-actively with proprietors and committees to ensure that each development’s needs are met when it comes to repairs, maintenance and inspection plans, improvement schemes and painting projects – all of which are fundamental to the long term success of the building’s fabric, appearance and, ultimately, value.

Dedicated development managers

Each of our development managers also spends considerable time developing a thorough knowledge of a development and its people. It is important to us to know where the vulnerable areas of a building are or which residents need additional support.

For this reason, we ensure that we appoint one development manager to take ownership of a development. Back up support is, of course, always available when the regular manager is on holiday etc. To further improve our relationship with our customers and their communities, we ask to be invited to all regular committee meetings and annual general meetings.

As part of our service offering we offer free secretarial support, typing and distribution of minutes. At the heart of our service offering is our commitment to operate fully in accordance with our core values.

Experienced back office support

Our Support Services team ensures that all non-operational aspects of our business are managed in a fair, efficient and professional manner. From receipt of payments, to issuing parking permits, income recovery and ensuring our contractors are paid on time, our Support Services team are committed to ensuring the smooth running of our business.

We also now employ a Compliance Manager to ensure we remain compliant with all required regulations as well as steering us on our journey of continuous improvement.