Customer service, experience, market knowledge and dedicated staff set us apart

In summary, we truly believe that James Gibb residential factors deserves to be the No.1 factor of choice for the following reasons:

  • Exemplary customer service ethos endorsed by our core values.
  • Provision of a dedicated development manager who develops a superior level of knowledge of the development and its residents.
  • Going the extra mile to help our customers.
  • Proactive approach to building maintenance and projects.
  • Clear visibility of all costs with no hidden fees.
  • Highly competitive pricing and costs.
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance issues and how to use these to work for the business and its customers.
  • Proven track record of customer service over 140 years in local business.
  • Provision of top quality insurance products at highly competitive rates.
  • Proactive approach to debt management.

In 2012, the Property Factors (Scotland) Act came into force and ensured all operating Factors are competent and follow certain requirements. These regulations are designed to protect the customer against unscrupulous actions and are welcomed throughout those of us in the industry who uphold the highest standards of compliance.

Our Chief Executive, Douglas Weir, is an ex Global Compliance Director of a multi-national services company and is very well acquainted with regulatory compliance issues. This ensures that James Gibb residential factors are fully compliant with the new Act.

James Gibb residential factors current manages somewhere in excess of £3 Billion of real estate throughout Scotland.

We are fully aware that all our customers have a choice of factor and we are delighted that our on-going service levels are such that we have had an almost insignificant development loss rate over the years. It is our commitment to our existing and potential customers that we will continue to improve our service offerings to allow our customers to get on with their lives with the peace of mind that their most valuable assets are being well-managed and maintained / improved.

As Factors, we have a duty to manage development cashflow and customer payments.

In order for us to manage a development effectively, strict credit control and income recovery (or debt management) processes must be in place. James Gibb has an enviable record of successfully pursuing debtors ensuring that the Development funds, as a whole, are healthy.

It is worth bearing in mind that a whole development can suffer if their communal funds are not sufficient to cover on-going costs. As a result, James Gibb residential factors see it as their responsibility to ensure debtors are pursued quickly in order that the common funds are protected.

Our Support Services team employs three full time income recovery staff to ensure that personal and development debt is kept to as low a level as possible.