A proven track record of customer service over 140 years

In 1872, John Gibb launched the company to provide a home letting service, as well as joinery and funeral services, within Edinburgh.

Originally based in West Nicholson Street, the Company changed its name to James Gibb in 1892 and moved to the current location of our Edinburgh Office in Atholl Place in 1963.

Over the years, the joinery and funeral services were eventually phased out to allow the firm to focus on property management – initially limited to the lettings market and later expanded to include factoring services.

The business remained in the Gibb family until the retirement of the 5th generation Gibb Brothers in 2012, when it was acquired by two separate companies, each focusing on one division.

Lomond Capital acquired the lettings arm of the business (and merged it with its Braemore brand) and Strathspey Capital purchased the factoring business.

Douglas Weir

Douglas Weir in his office in Glasgow

Our Chief Executive, Douglas Weir, has a solid background in operational improvement, business integration and customer service and ensures the business delivers the service, value for money and clarity offered in our Written Statement of Services

Since 2012, we have grown the factoring business both organically and by acquisition and now have offices in key locations throughout Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Since its acquisition, the business has seen a number of changes. Our logo and brand colours have been updated, our internal controls and systems are becoming more efficient, our quality control functions have been modified and enhanced to ensure a continually improving service delivery package.

All of these changes were introduced to ensure a solid foundation for the continued growth of our business.

What will remain constant, though, is the high level of attention and good, honest, traditional family values that we have offered for over 140 years.

James Gibb Glasgow team