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Over the last three months we’ve been trialing a new property inspection app called INSPCT which has been developed by our main software partners, CPL. Regular property inspections are a very important part of what we do and this app will assist our property managers in carrying out their routine inspections in a faster and more efficient way.


What is INSPCT?


The days of using a pen and paper form for inspections together with all the vagaries of the Scottish weather will soon be a thing of the past as our Property Manager’s will only require a tablet or mobile phone.


INSPCT is a simple and flexible app that is used for property inspections, surveys, checklists, audits or investigations. The app allows a much greater level of detail on property inspections and our Property Manager’s will be able to record block meter readings and take multiple photographs which can be annotated to clearly show any defects or salient points. The app has been designed specifically for the needs of property inspections, making it the perfect tool for our services. Additionally, INSPCT saves time and money with improved speed and accuracy of data capture and users can access anytime, anywhere as the app works offline. The initial feedback from our trials has been excellent. We have now completed the internal training phase of development and the app is now live.


This new app is part of our continuous drive to utilise the latest technology in order to improve the delivery of our overall service to all our clients and developments. In the past few years, we have also introduced the James Gibb+ portal as part of our initiative to reduce our impart on the environment and lower costs. The James Gibb+ app allows our customers to easily manage their documents and find our more information online.



Last month we also introduced a new e-learning platform for internal training, allowing our staff to train from a comprehensive digital training suite. This again helps us to improve our overall service and ensures our staff are well equipped to do their jobs to the highest of standards. You can read more about the e-learning platform here.


If you’d like to find out more about the technology we use, you can contact your relevant office at Glasgow here, Edinburgh here, or Aberdeen here.

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