Winter can be an expensive time of year. From trying to keep the house warm with all the radiators on to the darker nights and mornings slowly creeping in, we undoubtedly need to use more energy and equally more money will be spent.

As we are well under way with our Go Paperless campaign to help reduce our impact on the environment, we would like to share a few energy efficient tips for your home this winter. These tips can help keep your home warmer, reduce your impact on the environment and also save you some pennies along the way.

Close doors

When you are relaxing at home try to keep your internal doors closed. This will help to manage the flow of heat in rooms. Having your heating on low consistently whilst keeping your doors shut you will help to save energy. When the boiler is turned off and on constantly it takes more energy to heat up after being cold.

Turn appliances off

Not watching TV or making a cup of tea? Make sure to turn off your appliances at the wall. Putting appliances on standby can still cause energy consumption. Ensure no energy is being used at all by turning them off at the wall.

Wash clothes at 30-40 degrees

When using your washing machine the ideal heat to wash your clothes is at 30-40 degrees. Any higher and it will use too much energy, increasing your energy bill. Most of the energy is used through a washing machine when it is heating up the water. Washing at 30-40 degrees will wash clothes just as effectively and save you cash whilst helping the environment.

Air dry clothes

Air drying your clothes can be a great energy saver if your radiators are already in use. Have clothes placed close to, not upon, radiators for maximum energy efficiency. This way, the radiators can still work to heat the room whilst also drying clothes – double benefit!

This also applies when placing objects in front of radiators. Large items like sofas and tables can block heat spreading to the rest of the room if placed too closely to the heat source. Give your radiators space so the heat can flow throughout the room!

Layer up

An obvious one, but the more layers you have on the less likely you will need your heating up high during these cold months. Wrap up comfortably and turn your heating to low-medium as this will gradually heat your home and help to lower your energy bill.

Consider solar

Going solar is another great way to save energy. Solar panels use light particles to generate energy and contrary to popular belief, they do work in Scotland regardless of the amount of sunshine we get! The initial installation can be an expense, however the long-term savings will provide endless benefits, cost savings and are ultimately a lot better for the environment.

This winter, try to keep an eye on how much energy you are using in your home. You will reap the benefits from saving money to helping save the planet!

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