Appointing James Gibb as your Factor


It’s very straightforward to appoint James Gibb as your Factor and we’d be happy to guide you through the process


Are you with another Factor at the moment?

It’s not as difficult as you may believe to change.

A change of Factor can be easily arranged if there is sufficient support to do so from fellow owners and as long as the requirements of your Deed of Conditions are met. We can assist here, as required, and offer a professionally tailored “management proposal” to committees, AGMs etc.

A significant number of homeowners believe that changing their Factor could be “more bother than it’s worth”. At James Gibb, we firmly believe this not to be the case.


Are you self-Factored at the moment?

It’s easy to think that money can be saved by trying to self-factor a block.  This may work if everyone involved is equally committed to maintaining the property and each owner pays their share of costs on time, each time.

At James Gibb, we believe that, by taking the strain away from one or two committed owners and managing repairs, maintenance projects, funds, etc., we can both add value and remove the burden of self-management.

We can also offer very competitive buildings insurance rates. This guarantee of sufficient insurance cover offers peace of mind to those who may not know if all properties in the block are fully insured.



We work closely with Housing developers to ensure that cost effective, professional factoring services are in place well before buyers take ownership.

By working together with, for example, the preparation of deeds, we ensure that your experience with James Gibb adds value to your business and the relationship between you and your client.


For more information on appointing James Gibb as your Factor, please contact your local office.

To help you locate the office which manages your location, we’ve detailed our geographical split below.

To discuss changing your factor to James Gibb, please contact us using the below details or email us at


David Reid
Group Managing Director

0333 240 8325

Sandra Maitland
Business Development  Director

0333 240 8325