We live in a world where your lifestyle is busy, and it is hard to keep track of everything. Make life easier for yourself and sign up to receive all your Factor updates and news in one place by going paperless with James Gibb. Going paperless may seem like a daunting prospect at first, but the right software can make it easier.  That’s why we have made our James Gibb+ app user-friendly. Here, you can find information specific to your property, latest news, make payments and much more – all at the click of a button!


Here are 4 great reasons to make your life easier and Go Paperless:


You could WIN a fantastic prize worth £150!

When you sign up to go Paperless with us, we automatically enter you into our prize draw. We have great prizes up for grabs, including £150 worth of Love2shop vouchers or a luxury hamper, so what are you waiting for? It only takes a minute to sign up to receive your documents and invoices digitally, so sign up here and enter the draw. Please note, if you have already signed up to Go Paperless, you will also be automatically entered into our draw. Good luck!


De-clutter your home

The elimination of paper statements means there will be less paper and clutter in your home, saving you time sorting through bills and deciding which paper documents to save and which ones to shred. Having instant 24/7 access to your billing statements enables you to recycle the unnecessary paper trail of documents in your home.

We believe it is the most efficient, secure and convenient way for our customers to cut down on their filing by finding all the information they need in one central place.


Help the environment

We send 18,000 invoices to our customers every quarter. This equates to a massive 2 tonnes of paper invoices and envelopes each year! (This doesn’t count newsletters, notice of works, AGM reminders and other correspondence that we post.) A single tree produces enough oxygen every day to support at least 2 human beings. Chopping down trees decreases the amount of oxygen in the ecosystem. By going paperless, you will help save around 48 trees a year in paper.

A lot of fuel is required for the transportation of paper documents. We can prevent the harmful impact of chemical gases originated from automobiles by going paperless as this will help reduce CO2 emissions, which means a better environment for us and our future generations.


Save your time

Your time is precious, which is why having documents lying around your home can become highly inconvenient when it comes to finding something you need. Save your time whilst becoming more productive by having everything from invoices, development news, property manager details and the ability to make payments all in one place via the James Gibb+ app. This means less time looking for important documents lost in transit, reduced waiting times and less risk of loss or damage to your documents. See our James Gibb+ how-to guide here


Make the right decision and Go Paperless today!



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